African Diaspora

Skills Repatriation Programme

Enabling & Facilitating African Diaspora Skills Repatriation

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The Diaspora Skills Repatriation Project is an initiative established to create partnership between African experts in the diaspora and local education and skills development institution to develop and deliver specific skills training to youths and professional in Africa through online education.

Africa has a huge amount of very highly skills experts in the diaspora who are invaluable to the development of the continent. Some of these experts are able and willing to return to Africa to apply their knowledge and experience. However, many more are not able to due to various commitment. This project is aimed at creating online education and training mechanisms through which these experts can repatriate their knowledge and skills to Africa.

The project is an part of Shene Solutions’ innovative education solutions aimed at contributing to the transforming education and skills development in Africa. 

Development & Implementation


  • Partnership Establishment
  • Skills needs identification and analysis
  • Programme plan drafting


  • Diapora experts network creation
  • Training programmes development
  • Implementation plan development


  • Training programme implementation
  • Partners and network expansion
  • Creation of skills development centres