Shene Education Solutions

Transforming education Implementation in Africa

Shene Solutions® is an initiative established by Nordic-Africa Synergy and StraTarget Consulting. We provide leading technology driven and fully-managed Solution and Innovative Support Services for Education. 

“Our goal is to transform the delivery of education in Africa through Digital Solutions and Innovative Method.”

We work with our partners/clients to development and implement robust and affordable e-Learning and School Management e-platforms as well as effective delivery methods and strategies. We leverage global experience and expertise to create  efficient online tools, versatile content and  effective methods.

Shene Solutions also operates an E-Learning Academy that provides world-class education and training. Our programmes and courses are developed and delivered by experts with extensive practical and academic experiences in their field.

“Shene Solutions® are affordable and customised to meet our clients’ specific needs

SHENE Solutions

Digital and Innovative Solutions for Skills Harnessing, Execellence Nurturing and Empowerment

Shene Solutions include:

  • Fully Managed and Robust Online Systems
  • Flexible and Affordable Online Training 
  • Cutomised Education Implementation Services

Our Solutions are designed to deliver

  • Versatile Education Content 
  • Effective Methods & Strategies 
  • Efficient Delivery Tools 

Our Main Clients

  • Education and Training Institutions 
  • Companies and Organisations 
  • Government Agencies and departments 

Solutions Development Approach - ADDIE Framework

Our solutions are designed to bring transformative impact ..


Automating Education through digitalisation of Learning and Education Administration


Leveraging global content, tools and Expertise to Providing world-class education Solutions


Creating flexibility and Efficiency in the when, where and how of teaching and learning

Shene Solutions is not just another project or business. It is a commitment to active participation in Africa's development through the transformation of education implementation.
My African background and my extensive experience studying and working with as well developing digital tools for education in Finland created the impetus to take this commitment. You are not our client, your are our partner in development
Abong Nico
CEO & Lead Developer
I am from Kigali, Rwanda is PhD (Education) student at University of Oulu, Finland and independent researcher. I hold a Master 's degree in Learning, Education and Technology from University of Oulu and BSc in Education majoring in Computer Science from University of Rwanda-College of education, Rwanda. As an African I strongly believe it is my duty to actively contribute my knowledge and skills to the transformation of education in Africa
Salvador Dukuzumuremyi
Designer of Technology Enhanced Learning