Shene Solutions

Transforming education delivery in Africa

Shene Solutions include:

  • Fully Managed and Robust Online Systems
  • Flexible and Affordable Online Education
  • Cutomised Education Implementation Services

Our Solutions are designed to deliver

  • Versatile Education Content 
  • Effective Methods & Strategies 
  • Efficient Delivery Tools 

Online Platforms

Shene e-Platforms - Fully-managed, Robust, Scalable & Affordable e-Learning & School Management Systems

Online Education

Shene Academy -  Online Academy offering Flexible Higher Educational & Professional Training Course & Programmes 

Education Services

Shene Consulting -  Versatile Content & Methods Development & implementation; Partners & Experts sourcing Services


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African Diaspora Skill Repatriation Programmes​

An Initiative to enable and facilitate African diaspora skills repatriation through partnership between African experts in the diaspora and local educational and skills training institutions.